Hand-Crafted Purses

Recycled_Purses (1)Njau Recycle and Income Generating Group, a women’s group, was founded in 1997 with Peace Corps Volunteer, Peggy Sedlak. The group currently has sixty members. The women are trained in a variety of skills including soap making, tie-dye fabric techniques, recycling plastic bags into useful items, and cleaning, promoting and protecting the environment.


Why the focus is on the environment

Plastic bags are a big problem in the Gambia. There is no proper way to dispose of them, they litter the environment, and they are sometimes eaten by animals, causing serious problems for the animals. The objectives of the plastic bag recycling program are to curtail this hazard and to generate income. Gambian women play an important role in development, because monies derived from the project benefit their families. – Isatou Ceesay

While in The Gambia, Shelby Tarutis acquired purses in a variety of sizes, colors and styles from the women’s group. The purchase of these purses helps the Njau Recycle and Income Generating Group become more self-sufficient. Your purchase of any of the purses that Ms. Tarutis brought back will allow GambiaHELP to purchase even more of the group’s products when she returns next year and thus continue the cycle of assisting these women to self-sufficiency.

Each purse is approximately 4.5″ by 3″
and has a zipper. Color varies

Prices below include US Shipping

1 Hand Crafted Purse – $10

5 Hand Crafted Purses – $45