2013, March 15, Dankunkuku, Sofanyama, Sitahuma, Jappineh, and Kudang

Essa, Harouna and I left Kerewan at 9:00 AM this morning in order to get to Dankunku, Sofanyama, Sitahuma, Jappineh, and Kudang before nightfall.

15-children Girls at Sofanyama Primary

At Sofanyama Primary School, which is located in the village of Katamina, we saw the newly renovated library.  The change from last year is dramatic.  The before and after pictures illustrate what a small donation can do.

15 library before       15 library before2
Library before Renovation

There are some additional pieces of work that need to be done but essentially it is complete.  There needs to be more wire placed over the bars on the windows to prevent loss of materials and the wood used to hold the corrugate roof material to the walls is not termite-proof. If this isn’t changed then there will be leaks and damage to the books again. Essa will see that treated wood replaces this inferior, less expensive wood. 

15-library outside   15-library2 copy

15-library3    15-library5
                                Library after Renovation

Room next to library is now an  additional classroom

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