2013 Feb 27 – Meeting with Fatau Saidy and Mariama Keita

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Mariama Keita, 8 years – Essau Primary School

Today I had the pleasure of meeting with Fatou Saidy and Mariama Keita.  Mariama is a young girl whose education is funded by the Zwinggi Family in California.   Mariama’s favorite subjects are English and mathematics. She is pictured here with her new Barbie.

As we waited for Essa Camara, GambiaHELP Coordinator, Mariama drew a picture for the Zwinggi family.  When asked to sign her picture, Mariama pulled a small, crumpled piece of white paper out of her school uniform pocket from which to copy her penciled name onto the drawing paper.  Her drawing consisted of many smaller drawings.  In asking what the drawing depicted she said, a tree, a man on the tree, a mango, food in a bowl, a basket, a knife, and a house. All these things are familiar to and important in the life of a young girl.

2-girl-b copyA Mariama smile that comes when asked to “chuckle”. Smiling in photos is not common in The Gambia – in photos, people often appear “straight faced”.


2-fatou-bFatou Saidy, sister of Lamin Darboe.  Lamin Darboe is one of GambiaHELP’s volunteers. She is a friend to Mariama’s mother, named Mariama Saidy.  Fatou brought Mariama to Kanifing today.



Essa Camara’s office at Gambia Printing and Publishing Corporation. (GPPC). My desk sits behind the blue chairs. The building has air conditioning – a step up from my location in San Cheba. In addition, the building has generator back-up which is marvelous.


My workspace at the Office at Kanifing where we met Fatou and Mariama.






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