2013 March 5 – Tooth ache and someone’s unfinished project

Tuesday, March  5, 2013

It3-meds-a is my second day of treatment for an abscessed tooth. A call to my dentist and I found out what kind of antibiotic I needed. I text’d Essa and he went to Malick Chemists to locate the medicine.

Feeling better and not so tired.  Although, I am up late due to tossing and turning – now, 2:30 AM.  Tough trip, sick twice now.

Tomorrow I at 10:00 AM I will be at a senior secondary school to participate in Career Day.  Rotarians from the Fajara Club will be at desks – i.e. BANKER, ACCOUNTANT and students will come to talk to them. I am interested in hearing what the girls want to be when they grow up…to report on that later.

Today I saw a sight that illustrates the death of a project when someone misuses funds. A
multi-million dollar project to build four connected labs for students to learn chemistry and physics has only been partly constructed.


There are few funds left to do the major finishing of this project. It is so terribly tragic when mis-management, and outright stealing of project funds destroys the wonderful potential a project has.


3-lab-bI was disgusted but then not surprised to see this in The Gambia. Someone or a team did not put into place sufficient financial controls

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