2014-Feb. 11 Housing Found

Y2K Flat

Y2K Flat


Essa has equipped the refrigerator with my favorite staples, Diet Coke, Vimto, bread, eggs, cheese, water, bread and margarine to name a few.

He has purchased the bottled water needed for the entire trip.  He goes to the bottling company and as a result received a good price for the cases of bottled water.  There are 15 cases of water lining the hallway with several sitting in the refrigerator getting cold.

I am spoiled.  Essa does an excellent job getting everything ready prior to my arrival so no time is wasted doing routine household, maintenance chores.

Today we set up the QCell wireless system so that I can send/receive e-mails and access the Internet from The Gambia.  We also purchase calling cards so that I can make local and international phone calls.

For dinner,  Essa’s mother made Benechine with chicken, one of my favorites!


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