2014, Feb. 12 Shopping & The Tailor

Today we went to the grocery store and purchased more staples. Spending $D1,700.00.

Tonight we go to the airport to pick up Diane Lang.  Diane was a Peace Corps Volunteer in The Gambia in the early 1980’s, when I was.  Her arrival time is 6:30pm.

After picking up Diane we traveled to the tailors where we are having dresses made for the Handing Over Ceremony scheduled for tomorrow at Banjulinding Primary School.

Although exhausted, Diane was measured, I was measured and the dress style was selected.  I learned later that Essa’s mother had gone in person to the tailors earlier to stress upon him that they needed to be made for tomorrow’s presentation – where we expect television and newspaper coverage to be present.

The tailor said he would work through the night to make sure the dresses were completed on time.



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