2014-Feb. 9 Enroute to The Gambia

Ready to travel to Sea-Tac Airport – 2 full suitcases weighing roughly 50 lbs each, a carry-on bag and my purse.  Cristina and Gerry help me carry my bags to the United Airlines check-in desk.  Noting that one of my bags is heavier than the required 50 lbs., we open it up and take out a pair of shorts (whenever have I worn shorts in Gambia??- and taking out a jar of peanuts) brings it into compliance.

Tomorrow I’ll be landing at the Banjul airport – officially named Yundum International airport since it is in Yundum and not Banjul.

From Seattle to Banjul the flight time is  20.25 hours with an additional “wait time” between flights a total 8.4 hours.  No wonder I am tired!


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