Our Mission

Gambia Health Education Liaison Project, also known as GambiaHELP, exists to enable communities in Gambia to protect, conserve and improve their own health, the health of their community, and their natural environment. By providing books, educational opportunities, seed money, and human resources, GambiaHELP enables communities in Gambia to build a sustainable economy and environment GambiaHELP is committed to:

  • Working with communities to identify, prioritize and solve health problems. 
  • Working with communities to formulate and design environmental, health protection and promotion programs. 
  • Working with the Education sector to improve the quality and relevance of primary education.
  • Empowering rural communities so they will undertake their own health promotion, protection and environmental conservation activities through training and capacity building.
  • Supporting Community Based Initiatives (CBIs) in health and environmental protection, conservation and sanitation.
  • Collaborating and networking with other agencies as well as local institutions to promote community health and resource management.