Trip Diaries 2013

2013 Feb 24 – San Cheba House

Sunday, February  24, 2013

1-house aThe two-bedroom house is located in San Cheba right next to the market and between three mosques. A small mosque, which holds about 25 people, is around the corner, a large one kitty corner from it and a medium sized one 3-blocks from there. I hear the Muazzin call to prayer every morning at 5am and then again 4 more times during the day. It is an other-worldly kind of sound – a sing song prayer, chant combination that rouses everyone to their mats for prayer.

The house is new  yet there are some significant challenges. None of the water tanks –  installed in the bathroom, kitchen do not produce water to the faucets or toilet.  I use several buckets, an oil jug and a large plastic garbage can to hold water. Hence my daily bucket bath. Sometime thrice daily.

There is electricity – cash power. You put in a certain amount of money in an electrical account and use electricity until it abruptly stops. After that, you must go to the NAWEC (National Water and Electricity Company) office and make a payment on the account. I have yet to see it stop but would like to plan ahead and add funds before I find I can’t charge the phone or computer.

Above is a photo of the outside of the house. It stands out from the rest on the block since  it is painted red. Most homes are painted mild yellows, white or cream colors. The house is located in a compound. There is a fence around the yard and then a housing block that contains 4, small two room apartments.  One holds a watchman at night. He comes at 7pm and leaves in the morning at 8am for another job. His name is Edi, short for Edrissa.

1-house b

1-house c
Water Pipe and  Shade Tree Sitting Room – aka Living  Room