GambiaHELP Commendation from Books for Africa


Books for Africa is an organization dedicated to ending the “Book Famine” in Africa.  GambiaHELP received recognition from them for our assistance in making this dream a reality.

GambiaHELP has shipped more than 500,000 books to The Gambia over the past 12 years.

In part their letter stated:

Dear Shelby:

You know that being able to enjoy a novel, study a textbook or access a library is not possible in many communities across Africa.  By mobilizing funding to send a container of books you have helped get those books into the hands of African children and onto the shelves of many village libraries.

Books For Africa would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge your dedication with the enclosed certificate.  Thank you so much for your part in empowering the next generation of Gambian parents, teachers, business people and leaders!



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