Your Donations at Work

Even a $1 gift will bring us closer to our goals. To date we have shipped over 100,000 books to The Gambia. This is still a small contribution towards the educational needs of the private and public schools of the country. We need your continued support to bring a book to every child.

$25 – Books for School Libraries. Your contribution will provide a school with 10 books.

$50 – Supply Five Mosquito Nets. Protect five (5) children from Malaria infection while they sleep for an entire year by supplying these mosquito nets.

$100 – Provide Backpack with School Supplies to Gambian Student. The ubiquitous backpack is a common sight here – there is nothing like it in rural Gambia. School supplies are a rarity. Change all of this with a small donation that will not only be an educational gift, but will also delight a lucky child for an entire year.

$250 – Support for Education Fund. Help a child go to school for a year, including shoes, uniform, and supplies.

$500 – Purchase Library Bookshelves and Books. GambiaHELP and a rural village or school will provide the library space; you provide, with your donation, a 3’ by 6’ bookcase and a set of children’s books, dictionaries and/or encyclopedias.

$1,400 – Outfitting of Medical Dispensary. Health care and health supplies are rare in rural villages. Your donation can provide medical supplies, medical equipment, vaccines and a small refrigeration unit for a rural medical clinic.

$2,000 – Purchase of Water Well Equipment. Potable water is one of the most important elements of rural health, particularly for children. Your donation can provide a well and a pump to provide a source of clean water that will replace water sources that have been polluted or destroyed.

$3,000 – Construction of School Library. You can be on the same level as Andrew Carnegie – well almost. Your gift will allow you to fund an entire library for a rural school. books, shelves, paper and paint. The village will supply the labor.

$4,000 – Development of Mosquito Net Production Workshop. Malaria is the number one killer of children in West Africa. Treated mosquito nets are the simplest and most effective way to prevent infection. Your gift helps to provide a women’s cooperative with sewing machines, work tables, mosquito netting and supplies. The women sew treated bed nets, sell them for use in the villages, and earn money to improve their own lives at the same time.

$5,000 – Sponsorship of Shipping Container. Each year, GambiaHELP struggles to send a 40’ shipping container to The Gambia filled with medical supplies, books and educational materials. Your gift will completely underwrite the costs from Seattle to Rural Gambia. This gift means providing assistance to thousands of children and adults throughout the country. Not one dollar goes for administrative costs.

$6,000 – Purchase of Rice Mill. Rice is the main food source in West Africa, but women spend hours both working in the rice fields and then hulling the rice. Exhausted at the end of the day, there is little time or energy to get ahead or plan for the future. Your gift of a Rice Mill includes set up, training and financial planning for an entire women’s cooperative who can then take charge of their lives and their fortunes by generating food reserves and banking rice to sell to adjacent villages.

We also welcome donations of stocks or bonds.  Please consider a donation to GambiaHELP in your Will or Trust.  Donations from IRAs or 401Ks will pass tax free to GambiaHELP.  Please contact Shelby Tarutis for additional information on giving opportunities.   206-523-6924.

GambiaHELP is recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c)(3) charitable/educational organization, so your contributions are tax-deductible.

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