We hold ‘packing parties’ regularly to sort and pack books destined for Gambian schools and libraries. Come share food, drink, and fun with us as we prepare our next shipment of books. Email us at info@GambiaHELP.org for more information or check out our Events page for information on the next scheduled party.

Help create awareness

Sign up to be a GambiaHELP representative within your company. Representatives help spread the word about GambiaHELP, especially during their workplace giving campaigns. Various activities can include handing out brochures, sending co-workers email, or asking to have a GambiaHELP representative make a presentation at your company.


Assist GambiaHELP in areas such as development of marketing materials, graphic design, and looking for creative ways to market our organization.

Corporate development

Actively seeking out new companies who can include us in their workplace giving campaigns, then building and maintaining those corporate relationships.


We always need help with raising funds from individuals, through special events and from corporations to support our mission.

Partner with us
We are always looking for classrooms interested in our Friendship Exchange Program. If you know of a classroom that might be interested in becoming pen pals with Gambian students, we would love to hear from you.