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There’s a lot going on at GambiaHELP.  Here’s our latest news for the on-going projects at Kerewan:

Celebration of last year's planting with the children digging inPROGRESS:
The Garden and Poultry Farm are both in place and production is excellent. The vegetables and protein are provided as lunch to the school children of Kerewan. These children suffer from malnutrition.

You may recall that because of poor nutrition, Kerewan had very low school scores.  Now we are on our way to enhancing nutrition and subsequent improved learning for the children of Kerewan.  The project has been a great success.

The 2016 picture above shows the children helping to break ground at the garden initiation celebration.

In July 2017, the nursery school building was devastatingly damaged during torrential rains.  There are 100+ children aged 3-5 who attended this school.  Now there is no place for them to go during the day except to work in the rice fields with their mothers.

The food provided at the school via the garden and poultry farm is critical toward improving the dietary status of these children. This school needs to be rehabilitated in order to continue both the educational program and and nutritional support that occurs through the year.  This is a school that is free for the children.

The people of the village are very eager to rebuild the school as they have seen the great progress that has been made with their children.  They are ready and willing to provide all the labor for the rebuilding of the school.  The new school will have three rooms serving 35 children each.

Fortunately, University Rotary, Rotary Club of Prosser, and Fajara Rotary (located in The Gambia) have stepped up to provide $4,500 for the building materials! We are thrilled and grateful for their support.

Our big need now is to fund the furnishings for all three rooms of the school including: desks, benches, blackboards, chalk, paint for murals, and school supplies.
Desks and benches must be made of a special hardwood so they will last and not be destroyed by termites.  Learning murals for the students are painted on the walls as paper does not have a long life in the Gambian climate.  In addition there are school supplies needed by the students and teachers.  We are looking to raise $2,500 for the furniture, murals, and supplies.  Donate Now.

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