November Progress Report

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We are so close to achieving this year’s goals!  We are ready to send a shipping container of educational supplies, health clinic needs and other essentials to The Gambia, and near completing a chicken coop to accompany the vegetable garden in Kerewan. A little goes a long way in The Gambia, and your kick-starting contributions can turn these initiatives into long-term programs villagers can sustain and cultivate for years to come.

If you would like to make a 2015 end-of-year contribution, please look for our upcoming announcement of “Giving Tuesday”, which starts November 24 and runs through the holiday season.

Good News on GambiaHELP projects:

  • The Banjulinding Skill Center, built by GambiaHELP supporters with special help from the University District Rotary, is now sewing school uniforms for children in the area.  This is a perfect use of the center – a great opportunity for the women who sew the uniforms as well as a benefit to the local children.
  • School fees for rural schools Sitahuma Primary and Jappineh Middle School have been paid by a generous donation from the California Montessori Project.  Their continuing support for the past 8 years has given many children the everlasting gift of basic education.

Kerewan Girls with New Backpacks and School Supplies

Kerewan is our biggest current project.  Here is an update:

The Garden, including concrete enclosure and fencing, is complete.  The gardeners have a full set of sturdy tools, and seedlings have been planted.  Thanks to Prosser Rotary Club and GambiaHELP supporters we look forward to a nutritious harvest for the children of Kerewan!

Dozens of bicycles and even more backpacks filled with school supplies have been delivered to children in the village.

The breakthrough for this project will be the completion of the Chicken Coop, which will provide much-needed protein for the children.  The coop is planned out, and will cost $6000 to build.  It will be stocked with 350 chickens at about $2 each.

If you have any questions, please contact Director Shelby Tarutis at

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