Volunteer Opportunity!

GAMBIAHELP is seeking volunteers to help host a festive celebration of West African music, dance, food and culture at Town Hall Seattle on Friday,  November 21 at 6pm.

“West Africa LIVE 2014” will feature internationally renowned performers on the Main Stage, West African dinner and desserts, a marketplace of handicrafts from Gambian women and girls, and a children’s area for stuffing backpacks with school supplies and writing letters to Gambian penpals. GambiaHELP is a Seattle-based nonprofit that seeds health, education and small-business projects in The Gambia. (see GambiaHELP.org)

Assistance is needed in the following areas. Please indicate top 3 choices if you’d like to participate:

Basic Set-Up: Set up tables, directional signs and marketplace items. ( 8-10 needed)

Decorating: Help create “African Village” feel with paintings, fabrics, photos, etc (10 needed)

Ticket Takers: Accept pre-purchased tickets at entry and facilitate express check-in (4 needed)

Ticket Sales: Sell tickets at entry. Requires training with credit card reader. (6 needed)

Ushers: Direct guests to activities, food, restrooms, make sure no food goes into auditorium. (8 needed)

Food Servers: Dish out desserts. Must have food handler’s permit.(5 needed)

With prior approval, GambiaHELP will reimburse $10 fee for brief-and-easy on-line licensing course.


Bussers: Help keep dining area clean and ready for new guests. (4 needed)

Bar Tenders: Serve wine and beer. Must have MAST Server’s Permit. (3 needed)

With prior approval, GambiaHELP will reimburse $20 for student to obtain licensing.


Non-Alcoholic Beverage Servers: Serve ginger and hibiscus drinks. (4 needed)

Bar Cashiers: Accept cash and credit card payments at bar. (2 needed)
Marketplace Cashiers & Assistants: Assist people with purchases and answer questions. Requires training with credit card reader. (10 needed)

Children’s Activities Assistant: Help children with letters and drawings for Gambian pen pals. Help kids stuff backpacks with school supplies for Gambian children. (6 needed)

Performer Assistants: Serve as host to musicians and make sure they have what they need – food, beverages, place to relax before playing, etc. (downstairs room reserved for performers) (3 needed)

Clean-Up: Help pack up and clean up at end of evening. (10 needed)


Contact Volunteer Coordinator Ann Fasano  abfasano@gmail.com if you’d like to join the fun!   

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